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Landscape Cushions: $155 Cdn    tax free

A calm and gentle landscape painting that can be used everyday!  These cushions make wonderful gifts for special people. The scenery around St Andrews, New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy have provided the inspiration.
Using colourfast fabric painting dyes on fine 100% cotton, I paint the background using water colour techniques (wet on wet and wet on dry). This results in a very soft look.  After heat setting and washing to ensure that the colours are fixed, I use free motion embroidery to add delicate grasses to the foreground.  The edges are piped in a complementary colour.

The embroidery on these cushions is sturdy enough for everyday use - and they're washable!   The washable envelope style cover is fitted over a 16 x 16 poly fiberfill form that removes easily.  (The cushion cover may be purchased without the form.  Deduct $6 from price.)

Please note that no two will be alike.  Because I do all of the work freehand every one is definitely different.

The scenes featured on the cushions can also be painted on wallhangings or the wallhangings scenes on cushions.
However, please keep in mind that, because of durability, the cushions will not include ribbon embroidery, only free motion machine work.

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16" x 16"   -   $155 Cdn  tax free

If you have an idea for a custom order, I'll be happy to talk with you about it.   My phone is (506) 529 8837  

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you can find this at Botinicals in Fredericton

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you can find this at Botinicals in Fredericton

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you can find this at Botinicals in Fredericton

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