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About the Techniques Used in the Work

My inspiration comes from the ever-changing coastal scenery and wildflowers around St Andrews and Passamaquoddy Bay which connects south western New Brunswick to downeast Maine.

Click here to see my free motion embroidery video on YouTube.

Textile work:

The backgrounds in the wallhangings and cushions are handpainted painted and look very much like watercolors. I use colorfast painting dyes on cotton fabric.

The grasses and flowers I often have in the foreground of these pieces can be any combination of traditional embroidery, free motion machine work, and ribbon embroidery. Because I design the work as I go along, each piece is truly different. The way the colors work together and the texture of the materials influence the final piece.

From the beginning wearable art has been a signature craft for me. One of a kind scarves scarf and bags made from vibrant velvets and embellished with free motion and ribbon embroidery are ever popular.   My whimiscal cats combine these techniques as well.  These "Splendid Cat" doorstops are a great favourite and such a delight to create.  My catalog contains many of my textile and fibre creations, but not all.  I also make some unique fibre earrings and pendants which I have yet to add to my website.

Traditional paintings:

Although my landscapes and seascapes, as well as the floral pieces are painted with acrylics, they have the soft edges of watercolors.

When I first started to paint I was working only with fabrics and using painting dyes. While I learned, I used watercolor books as teaching aids, so my work often has a 'watercolor look'. Now I use acrylics in the way many artists use watercolors, and I usually choose either watercolor paper or canvas as the support for my traditional work.

A few years ago I introduced a series of reproductions of my paintings. The series is called "Scenes of New Brunwick" and reproduced from my original acrylics.

Mixed Media Collage:

I've always been fascinated with colour and texture as you can see in my Fibre 'n Fun scarves. Mixed media collage has been drawing my interest for the last few years. My head and heart are fertile ground for new ideas and exploration. This year I decided to jump right in. Now I am totally immersed in creating collage pieces in great variety and using many different influences. As I usually do, I gathered many books and this time I added a couple of video workshops to building my education in creating collage pieces.

I've been transforming various materials(ranging from magazinesand newspaper pages to tissue paper to fabric and everything in between!) with paint,dyes and texture. I've even been painting flowers on white tissue paper and using these in the collage. Of course, I also can't resist using magazine images and photocopies of interesting people and subjects. I have also used a computer graphics program to creat some original backgrounds for my some of my 'girl' collages. I am having great fun with this. My subject matter in this media is all over the map at this time - as you can see. Each day I wake up with a new idea and can't wait to try it. I just got started in February, 2009 so I am keenly interested to see how this obsession evolves.

My cushions, wallhangings and other work give you
the option to have the 'maritime feeling' in your home year round.

My catalog has photos, prices and links to all of my work.

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